Our Mission

We an all inclusive, community focussed organisation based in Moruya, NSW. With our extensive range of equipment and wealth of knowledge, we work on individual, group and community projects of any shape and size.

CWS Moruya was founded in 2010 with a focus on extra-curricular learning activities for students at Moruya High School. Students were able to work on their own ideas, as well as undertaking courses in jewellery making, metalworking and woodworking.

Since then, CWS has grown and evolved into an organisation which caters for all members of the community, regardless of age and ability. CWS members work on personal and community projects regularly, with events and courses in planning to further
grow the organisation and interact with the local community.

In the coming years, CWS Moruya will expand further with the aim of having a wider impact on the community through their skills, knowledge and experience.

If you would like to get involved, please contact us to organise a time to meet us and have a look at our facilities.

Our Membership

Yearly membership costs $30 and allows you access to our facilities during all open hours. We also offer a $10 social membership, however this does not entitle you to use equipment. Please come along to meet us and see the shed if you are interested!