A Community Group With A Difference

Not your average community shed

Community Involvement

We are a community group at heart, and our focus is on enriching, involving and connecting the people of the south coast

Your Personal Projects

Whether you’ve never touched a screwdriver or if you just need to use some of our equipment, you are more than welcome to work on personal projects, and we’re happy to help out.

All Inclusive Workspace

We’re not a traditional “men’s shed”, but an all inclusive community workspace for anyone to participate in. Young, old, male or female, you are absolutely welcome to join us.

Open Wednesday & Friday 9am to 2 pm

(flexible by arrangement)

What We Do

learn a new skill, or get some help with your project.

Community Services

CWS Moruya provides a range of services to the wider community, event organiser and through organisations such as Anglicare and the Salvation Army. We are a community organisation at heart, and our members are always happy to get involved

Please get in touch to see what assistance we may be able to provide to your organisation through our skills, knowledge and facilities.

Our Equipment

We have all the equipment you might need for your project, along with the skills to use it! Everything from arc welders, plasma cutters and sheet metal cutters to router tables, lathes and band saws. All of our equipment is available for
use by members, and if you need a hand, someone will be able to help!

Your tools not cutting it? Get in touch to have a chat about whether we have the equipment you need, and how you can get involved.


We’re experienced with metalwork of all varieties. Large or small, we can give you a hand with your project. We have a wide range of welding and cutting facilities, and are happy to show you how to use them!

From metal art to more practical projects, metalworking can be extremely rewarding, and a useful skill to learn. Make sure to take a look at our gallery for some of the metal working projects our members have completed!


Woodwork is our bread and butter at CWS Moruya. Cutting, joinery, construction and finishing are all tasks we are familiar with, and love to do! From coffee tables to wooden horses, we’ve made it and would love to see your project.

If you’ve got an idea that you’re just not sure how to turn into a reality, come on down and get involved. We can help you with the tools and techniques, and get to know you in the process.